Motoko Ishibashi 

Recent projects
(links to the images):

2018.09 Apparitions, Unit 17, Vancouver Canada
2018.01 2:00, Fig., Tokyo Japan
2017.10 écrin, La Plage, Paris France
2017.10 Hot Retelations (and Other Acts of Revenge)#I, Clearview. ltd, London UK
2017.09 Collection n.7, FOCUS Lyon Biennale, Interior and the collectors, Lyon France
2017.07 Dik Piks, Lady Beck, Leeds UK
2017.06 If I left off dreaming about you?, Like a little disaster, Bari, Italy 2017.04 Guru Den, Bosse&Baum, London UK with performance by Yuki Kobayashi)-
2017.04 HYPOKEIMENON, en dessous du sang, Galerie Nadine Feront, Brussels, Belgium
2017.03 E-Cus project cotton 12, Cotton collection, cotton, Saitama Japan
2016.11 Honesty is the greatest fidelity, Yamakiwa Gallery, Niigata Japan
2016.11 Motoko Ishibashi, E-cus project, Cotton, Saitama Japan
2016.04 Caput-Medusae, Westminster Waste, London UK
2016.02 Knots, All welcome (except you), Vilnius Lithuania
2016 RCA Secret, Royal College of Art, London UK
2015 RCA Degree Show, Royal College of Art, London UK

2013-15 MA Fine Art, Painting at Royal College of Art, London UK
2010-13 BFA Fine Art, Painting at Slade School of Fine Art, London UK
2006-10 BA Aesthetics and Science of Arts in Philosophy, Keio University, Tokyo Japan

contact: motoko1484(@)
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